Birthday Present...


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My wife's birthday is in a couple of weeks. I was thinking about buying her a handgun to give to her as a present. She stays at home during the day while I'm at work and want her to be able to protect herself and our child when I'm not there. She's been talking about getting a gun recently. Is this an inappropriate present or a stroke of genius?


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I think that it will depend on your wife. How does she feel about other practical gifts? My ex-wife loved the vacuum sealer that I got her, but other women would find that insulting. If she is ok with practical things, a gun would be great, since she has already been talking about it, especially if you bundled it with a class. An extra, non-practical thing could never hurt though, right?


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Like it has been said it depends on the wife. Is she comfortable with a hand gun? Does she know how to use it?

Another option is a pepper spray gun. Another style

Check with state laws about carrying these outside the home. Some states may require a CWP to carry these.


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I think I will be getting it for her. She actually dragged me to the pawn shop the other day to go look at hand guns with her. I think she's hinting at getting one for Christmas, so it'll be a nice surprise...