Career or family first?


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What's your top priority? Do you work long hours for a high paying job, but you're gone all the time or do you have a job that pays a little less but you have more time for your family?


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I work long hours, but I would not say it is high paying. I went many years working two or three jobs at a time. So I still have that work from sun up to sun down bug in me. The wife is trying to change that in me, and I am trying. It is hard though.


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I work a lot of hours but still make time for my kids. I have to work the hours so that I can afford to pay my bills plus the child support and alimony that I have to pay.

Papa Bear

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With the present economic situation, it is very hard to balance work and family if you are the sole income earner. My wife helps so that keeps the balance better.


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I have a job that keeps me away from home a lot and I hate that. When I was with my ex I loved traveling for work because it got me away from her. Now I actually have a family that I want to spend time with and traveling has become a real problem for me. Sometimes my wife and baby travel with me, sometimes not. When they're not with me I find myself getting depressed a lot and hating my job.


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I work just 40 hours a week most weeks. I do make good money though. I can be reached at home if I'm needed at night, but most times I'm not needed at work. I have come to realize that family is everything.
A close friend of mine passed away last year. He has a young family and he always worked. I'm not going to be like him!


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I know I work too much but at the same time, its better than working too little right? No offense either and anyone that knows me, knows if its an ER I will drop work and take care of the family. The family also knows that I work for them, but they still come first.


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I will share my principle with you guys. I work for my family. I didn't made a family so that I would work. Therefore family always comes first for me.