Everyone sick


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So it looks like it started early this year. My son being sick from the start of the year. The wife then caught it a bit and then me then back to the wife and my youngest son has the cough and had a slight fever. Right now the only one who did not seem to get sick is the daughter.

Usually I am lucky and do not get hit or hit hard but this time I was out for almost two days. Not even enough energy to lift my head up to watch TV. Glad it is finally over and energy is returning. Got some much needed work done today and may even get to mow the lawn tomorrow.

Not the way I was hoping to start off the year.


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Sorry to hear it. So far I have managed to avoid this round but the cold and flu season is really starting to take off. I know a great deal of people that have been sick lately and the news is saying that there are now thirty five states that have reported cases of H1N1 swine flu. Stay safe out there everyone. Lots of handwashing!


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That is a horrible way to start off the new year. I'm glad your daughter did not get sick. Hopefully it will just pass on by her - right out of the house. We have been pretty healthy so far. We did all get our flu shots though. Did you all get them?


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Same here, slight fever, cough, sinuses are killing me... I hate when this happens during winter time. It totally ruins my hardcore outdoor plans.