Favorite pie for holidays


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I love apple pie! I love the holidays because of all of the desserts. What is your favorite pie? Do you like the main meal or the pies? I could deal with just eating three or four pieces of pie and skipping the turkey.


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I usually go for some pumpkin pie, but blueberry will do just as well. I would rather have my moms stuffed mushrooms over anything else though.


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Apple pie is the best, hands down. I have never been a big fan of pumpkin though. It is way too mushy for me. I agree with you Polamalu. I could eat a couple slices of pie and some mashed potatoes and gravy and be good to go.


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I could eat pumpkin pie morning, noon and night anytime of the year. Apple would be my second best and I never mind trying a new recipe but for the most part these are my two favorites.


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My favorite is sweet potato pie, but I am also a huge fan of pecan pie as long as you throw some whipped cream on type of it.