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Before we found out we were having a boy, we had the, "what should we name it if it's a . . ." discussion. It took no time at all to pick a boy's name. But for some reason, it took us forever to pick a girl's name. Did anybody else find this to be the case when you had the "name" discussion?


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My son was born first and my ex-wife and I had already decided that I could name him, and I chose to name him after me, so he's a "Jr". If I had it to do over again I probably would go with a different name. I don't have regrets, but I'd still do it a little differently.

15 months later we had a girl and since I named our first child, she got to name our daughter. She picked a nice name, Carmen, and my daughter's middle name is her mother's first name, so it worked out OK.


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We actually had a hard time selecting girls names than boys. I am not sure why. We just seemed to have a much longer list of boys names.


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We did actually, thinking of girl's names was difficult. My ex had to resort to looking up girl's names on the internet because we were flummoxed for ideas. She eventually decided on Jasmine, which I didn't like.


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For the Hindus, the selection of names is still more difficult because we have to name the child according the star sign under which the baby is born. But we get some 15 days to decide the names after which a NAME GIVING CEREMONY is called. Of course, the child has no choice except that he can change name after 18 years.


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It's really kind of hard to decide on your child's name. To make it easier for my wife and I, we bought a baby names book before she gave birth to our first child. What's great about it is that it also had definitions or origins of a specific name.


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It took us a while to get our latest sons name. The wife and I went back and forth a lot. It was not until about a week or so before that we finally came up with the same name.


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I'm glad I have no girls. Before we knew each of the kids' sexes we were having a hard time coming up with girls' names. I think it's because there's so much variation year to year.


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There is an old joke about giving names for Chinese baby's. If the couple knows the gender then all they have to do is pick up a porcelain plate and drop it on the floor. They should listen carefully to the sound of the plate smashing unto the floor. And whatever the sound was, then it will become their child's name. Sound diffidently differ with the type of the plate they dropper. Sounds like ching, chang, ting, tang would become their baby's first name.

Anyway, I would advice to give your baby a unique name and ensure that it should not be long as it will have some consequences when your kid will be at school.


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It's a big responsibility to pick a baby's name. That will be one thing you give them that will be with them for life. Taking that into consideration, we have discussed long and sometimes loudly, the possibilities for both genders.

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All I've had were girls so I don't know if it was a hard process or not. I don't have anything to compare it to. We took our time though because we wanted the names to be "just right".


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Actually, we have an easier time with girl names than we do with boy names. If we ever have a boy it will be very difficult to find a name we both like.