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Being your own handyman - have you considered this? I've never been exposed to any serious work of any type of home repairment before but I'm starting to learn everything slowly. It's neat to learn how to fix things around the house.


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I can do a bit myself. Some things I hire out. A lot of AC work, plumbing and electrical. I can do some of it, but most is beyond me. If I had time I could figure it out but some of it I figure is best left to the pros.


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I can do some handyman stuff, like painting and pressure washing, but like Jason, I leave heating and air, plumbing, and electrical stuff to the pros. I'd rather be safe than sorry in those areas and I'm willing to pay to have someone who really knows what they're doing fixing things.


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I have been very fortunate with this. My father-in-law knows at least a little bit about everything and he has never minded showing me how to do this stuff.


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My dad and I can pretty much fix most things that break. I'm lucky though because I have cousins who work in all types of fields. I have an electrician, plumber and mechanic in my family!