Leftovers! - really?


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My kids asked my wife what was for dinner tonight. I laughed and answered - leftovers! We have so many. We had two big meals on back to back days. Needless to say our fridge is stocked with all of the leftovers. I told them it's "fend for yourself night". They were pretty impressed!


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Hahaha! Our fridge is stacked as well, even to the point that I have no idea how and if we will be able to eat it all. I love holidays because of this.


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Ours is too! I love the holidays because of this too. My wife is taking out the pan of lasagna and freezing it tonight. She is going to freeze it in individual pieces for my lunches! She really loves me!


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I hate waste. It doesn't seem right to have so much go into the trash when people are going hungry. Plus, the cost of food is just too much to be throwing any away. So, yes, leftovers are eaten or frozen before they can spoil.