Love spending time with my kids!


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I love being able to do all kinds of fun things with my children. I don't remember doing too much with my dad when I was growing up. He was always working or doing something without us kids. I think times are changing though. I take the kids out all the time. We go to the park with a couple of my buddies and their kids. It's just fun. I have always spent as much time as I could with them since they were born. Work is work! Kids grow so fast and then they move out.

My dad spends a lot of time with my kids too. I think he learned a lesson.


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I feel the same as you. I grew up pretty much the same. I knew my parents loved me but they were not overly affectionate towards any of us. I am just the opposite. It's funny to see how they are with my kids too.

What kinds of things do you do with your kids?


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I like doing things with the kids, like playing board games, bicycling, skating and movies. It's funny that my father didn't really play with us as children but they play with the grandchildren a lot more.


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I think it's easier to play with grandkids that you don't see as often. I am more like our parents' generation and don't play with the girls as much as I feel I should by current standards. They know that I love them though.


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My parents hardly spent any time with me when I was a child. They both worked over 40 hours a week which left little time for the kids. I spent an excessive amount of time with my son up until this year, probably as a means to "right" my parents' wrongs. I used to spend entire weekends hanging out with my son. We'd fish, play catch, go shopping, and enjoy movie marathons. My wife is gaining custody next month so I will miss out on a lot of these father-son activities. I'm glad we shared experiences together while we had the time.


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My Dad died when I was 10 so I don't remember much about the time we spent together. I think I really missed out on having him around for my teen years. After my children were born I tried to spend quality time with each of them and all of them together. I think it makes a lot of difference when they go out on their own.