My Brother-In-Law Is A Battered Husband


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My wife was saddened when she found out that her brother moved out of their home and rented another apartment. He wasn't physically assaulted by his wife but he was emotionally battered everyday. He decided to leave in order for their 2-year old son not to witness the fights.

Should we encourage him to divorce his wife or try to get them into counselling?


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I would encourage him to do whatever he decides to do. It will be be his choice. I would just stand by him in whatever he chooses. He is a grown man and needs to make this decision.


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I think I have to agree there. This is one of the times in life when only those directly involved can figure out which path they plan to take. Leaving the child there worries me a little, what happens when this child is older?


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If he was suffering emotional abuse at her hands, I think he is better off without her. I agree that it needs to be his decision, though. If he does divorce her, he should request custody, although it'd probably be hard to get anything more than 50/50.


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It's better for his peace of mind to be away from that situation. He will need support from your wife and you to help him deal with it.


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I think it should be his decision and whatever he decides to do. Nobody should be in an emotionally abusive relationship. He COULD try counseling, but in the end, it is best for him to do what he thinks is right and what would make him the happiest.


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I don't think that encouraging counseling is butting in too much or overstepping. If she is willing to try it and could potentially change, then the 3 of them (including the kid) could be better off in the long run. I would make it clear though, that you are behind him no matter what he chooses.