Natural Consequences


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Do you like to use natural consequences as a parenting tool? My kids are very little so we're just getting started on the discipline road, but they seem like a good idea.

I've let my 2 year old go without a coat on cold days (instead of fighting her) but I guess it doesn't get cold enough to bother her, so she still doesn't ever want to wear a coat. :p


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I definitely think using natural consequences when you can is a great "I told you so" method. When kids can see with their own eyes (or feel with their own skin, in your coat case) the reason that a rule is in place, they may be more likely to follow it willingly.


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My wife was just telling me about a book she read recently that talks about this. I think it's a great idea. I think it helps give them confidence in their decision making skills too. They're learning things for themselves and not just because we're yelling at them to do something.


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I think it's a great way to parent. Obviously, you can't do it with every situation where their safety or health would be at risk. Otherwise, I think it's an excellent way to teach them personal responsibility. When parents are too protective or micromanage everything, it stunts a child's ability to learn what they will need as adults. I've always felt that one of the most important jobs of a father is to teach his children how to manage once they're on their own.


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Kids usually survive when allowed to make their decisions. I do think it's good to let them do so as long as they are not putting themselves or others in danger. A little parental guidance is easy to interject into most situations.


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I think this is a great idea, I might have to test it out. I wonder how this would work on a kid with ADHD, though?