Picking out a name


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The doctor tells us we are having a boy and we have been trying to decide on a name for months. We have it narrowed down to our 3 top picks but we can't decide. Maybe you guys can give me some input. The names we have picked out are Merrick, Logan and Asher.


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Names are hard, especially boy names. Logan is really popular so if it were me, I'd take it off the list. Asher is popular too, but not as much, and it's a pretty cool name. Merrick is ok; you don't hear it as often.


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If you are anything like me the name will not hit you until the little tot is in your arms. That is how it has always worked for us.

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Logan sounds more male somehow in my opinion. They say that names can help define a persons personality, so it's very important to pick the right one.