Seeing Santa


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Do you take your kids to see Santa every year? We took them last year but it's so expensive to buy the photo package. I don't know if we can just take them without buying the photos, or if we can find a cheaper Santa somewhere.


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Santa comes to our "Winter in the Village" every year. That is a celebration our town puts on. You can snap your own picture right there. You should see the kids lined up - there is usually over 100 at any given time that night.


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I get to dress up as Santa so the kids see Santa every year. Then the school takes some of the younger kids to the local library for pictures with Santa also.


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We are beyond the Santa stage, thank goodness. We raised the girls knowing that Santa wasn't a "real" person, but that he stood for the spirit of giving.


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Being able to see Santa is always something that the kids can enjoy. It does not matter either about him being in more than one place either. We told our kids that Santa can drive lightening speed and of course they believed us.