Sick Co-Workers


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Seems that time of year is here again. People at work are coming down with a stomach virus, a nasty one at that. We are short on staff as it is and I'm worn out with double the workload. I've been watching what I eat and trying to get enough sleep so I don't get sick. Seems like every second day someone is going home sick.


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Oh that is horrible. I hope people go home and stay home when they are sick. Wash your hands often every day. I hope you don't get sick. Being sick during the holiday season stinks.


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It would be nice if everyone would stay home when they are sick, but so often people can't afford it or worry that they will get fired. There was some hoopla on Facebook this week because a local grocery store told a very ill bagger to come in "or else". I wonder how many people he infected for Thanksgiving?


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I have worked at places that were like that, so I know how it is. I do wish that people felt comfortable enough with the security of their jobs that they could and would stay home when they were ill.


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I hate those situations. You can't avoid people but you can't be around them too much either. Just try to strengthen your body with good nutrition and hope for the best.


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This is a tough time of year. People often can't afford to stay home, so the sickness just spreads. Of course, since we all have kids, we're probably doomed to frequent illness anyway.

I just hope this winter is easier on the family than last year, when we had a cold at least once a month.


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Once I stayed home with my sick child. When I went back to work, my manager had a talk with me about it. I had plenty of sick leave saved up, so I was thinking that I could use that sick time. However, my manager disagreed. I'm glad I don't work there anymore!