Single Son wants to adopt


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My unmarried 28 year old son learned about a 6 month old toddler who has an unknown father and her mother has abandoned her. He said he feels sorry for her and wants to adopt her. I have talked to him about the responsibilities, his inexperience, etc. He has a good full-time job which means his time for a child would be limited. I could use some advice on guiding him through this.


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I think it's admirable that he wants to adopt an abandoned child. Don't worry about advising him, unless he asks, of course. The adoption process is a long one, and he will be told all the stuff that comes along with raising a child, because they want people to be completely sure of what they're doing.


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I also think that it is admirable that he wants to adopt, but being a single father of an adopted child will be more than a full-time job. Is the adoption agency considering his application seriously?


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It is a terrible idea. Nobody should bear the burden alone. Can't he just adopt a pet that won't require so much time, effort and attention? I was raised by a single parent and it was a difficult experience for both of us.


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Yabadoo being a single parent isn't inherently bad. Besides, contrary to popular belief nobody understands the responsibilities of being a parent until they are one, even those with a spouse. It's not as if people are born good parents.


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Why not have him contact an adoption agency that can walk him through the steps. He might do better learning from someone not related to him of the things that may need to change in his life before he can just jump into being a single parent.