Storm coming in


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We are in for a nice winter storm tonight and tomorrow. They say that we are supposed to get upwards of 5 inches of snow, with near white out conditions at time. Wind gusts are going to be really high too.


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We are already at six inches here and it is still coming down! I watched the Weather Channel this morning and we are in the 12-15 inch zone!


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Wow, guys! I hope you all stocked up on supplies before the storm hit. That is a LOT of snow! We don't ever get that much snow down here.


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So many people are getting snow and ice. The only thing we are getting is frost, wind and rain. No one really wants that for the holidays. I know I don't.


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You got to send some down here. They are talking about 83 degrees Friday or Saturday I cannot remember. Could use some cold weather.