That one family member that you wish wasn't family


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I think everyone has at least one of these, right? My cousin is a severe alcoholic and every family get-together, he makes an *** out of himself and embarrasses the rest of us. It's not just the drinking, either, although it makes it worse. The guy is just a jerk in general. Don't understand it, either, as my aunt and uncle are fantastic.


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I do not think I would trade anyone off or kick anyone out of the family but I do wish people would be more wise with certain things they say in front of young kids. We have one family member who has no clue what it means to hold back around young ears (from things about racism to sex).


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I think every family has at least one of these. In my family we have four, so holiday gatherings are always entertaining to say the least.


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I really dislike my brother-in-law and the feeling is mutual. The guy is a jerk and he drives my wife crazy too, although of course she loves him because he is her brother.