Wanting Another One


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Hello everyone and glad to be here. I became a dad 1 year and 8 months ago. Now that our baby is starting to mumble things and likes to run around, I miss the times when he was just my arm length and would carry him in the middle of the night to make him fall asleep. That is why I wanted another one but I have to wait until our baby turns 2 years old because that is our plan.

Did you have the same experience as mine?


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I can't say that I did, ha! I didn't have a lot of experience with kids when our son came along and I was pretty much overwhelmed. The urge for number two hit my wife long before it hit me.


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That sounds about right! After the first couple of years, you begin to forget the nights of nights filled with a crying baby and ill wife. I like that my son is starting to be able to do manly things with me.


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We wanted ours two years apart, so we started trying to conceive whenever our youngest turned a year old. The spacing has worked out pretty well.


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2 years apart is a good gap. Mine are slightly closer together, and there were times when we felt like even a few months further apart would have made things easier.


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We waited 2 years and a few months, so that by the time our second child was born they were almost 3 years apart. It work out great for us since the oldest was at an age where he didn't feel that we were paying too much attention to his sister. He was a big help for my wife, helping with baths and playing.