The Best Time To Ask For A Raise

The economy is in a tough state right now. Many companies are struggling, and there does not seem to be a lot of money to spare. Still, some people deserve and need a raise. Given the delicate situation many companies face, asking for a raise needs to be handled with great care. This means finding the right time to ask for the raise. Here are some tips to help you figure out the best time to ask for a raise.

The easiest way to figure when to ask for a raise is to start by figuring out when not to ask. There are certain times when you should avoid asking for a raise. One such time is if your company is in the process of laying people off. If there are layoffs going on, that means your company is in a tight financial situation. The last thing your boss will want to hear is that you want more money. If the economy is tough, the company is less inclined to give you a raise.

You also don’t want to ask for a raise if you have taken a lot of time off recently. Even though you earned that time off, it is fresh in the mind of your boss that you have missed work. That means he will question your dedication to the company. You also don’t want to ask for a raise if you are newer to the company. Even if you feel you are underpaid and are exceeding your duties, asking for a raise right off the bat sends a negative message to your boss.

So when should you ask for raise? The best time to ask is after your performance review. If you are given a good performance review, you have leverage to ask for more money. Your boss has just told you that you are doing a wonderful job, so asking for a needed raise seems like a fair request.

Another good time to ask for a raise is after you completed a major project. Your boss knows you devoted a lot of time and effort in to putting it together. If your project saved the company a lot of money, that is even better. You have demonstrated that the company can count on you, so the timing might never be better to ask for a raise.

If the company is flourishing, that is another good time to ask for a raise. If they are doing well, that probably means there are no layoffs. As long as you are performing your job well, it is within reason to ask for a raise. This is especially true if you have been with the company for an extended period of time and you haven’t been given a raise in a while.

There are several other timing factors to consider when asking. For example, don’t ask for a raise if your boss is in a bad mood or if he just disciplined you. You want to make sure you look as good and value as possible when you ask for a salary increase. Prepare a case for yourself. Use concrete reasoning that shows how you deserve a raise. If you go in just asking for one with no reasoning, odds are you will be out of luck. Compile a list of all you have done, and do some research on your company’s history of giving raises. The more information you provide the better case you will have.

Lastly, use common sense. Don’t ask for a drastic raise, especially when the economy is struggling. Wait until the best possible time to ask, because if you ask at a bad time you will have to wait longer to ask again. Pick the moment when you look the best and your boss is happiest, and you will have a good chance of getting the raise you want.