Baby Sleeping Pattern- What to Expect in 3-6 Months Old Baby’s Sleeping?

Your three to six month old baby may have developed their own routine and pattern of waking, or they may have an unpredictable schedule that wakes you throughout the night. Each baby is a unique individual, who follows the sleeping routine that is right for their personal needs. There are some common ways to help your baby sleep, however, as well as some issues that are common among babies this age that affect their sleeping patterns. Here is the inside scoop on the sleep routines of babies from three to six months of age.

Sleep at Three Months

A three month old baby is still considered a newborn. At this age, your baby will probably wake every one to three hours for the breast or bottle, and need to be changed and burped afterward. It is totally normal for babies to have a long period of alertness at some point during the night, and for babies to wake often. Three month old babies are still adjusting to life outside the womb, and their immature digestive systems mean that frequent feeding are needed to help the baby develop.

Most babies have pretty much synced their sleeping styles to fit the lifestyle of your family, but it not don’t be worried. By the age of six months your baby will be able to sleep for four to eight hours on their own, without the need for breast or bottle. If your baby is still waking at six months, that just means that he or she doesn’t have the ability to wait any longer for food.

Sleeping at Six Months

By six months of age, your baby may not need to nurse every two hours, but instead may demand the breast or bottle every four to five hours. By six months old, you should have developed a good bedtime routine. It is important to try and put your baby down for the night at about the same time each day to prepare them for great nights both now and in the future. Babies tend to need less and less sleep as they grow. At three months old, most babies sleep an average of fourteen hours a day. At six months, babies can sleep anywhere from eleven to fifteen hours a day depending on their personal need for sleep.

You should expect your baby to wake frequently during these months. A baby who snoozes for a couple of hours, then wakes for a few moments is completely normal. Your baby will begin to eat more during the fourth and fifth months, which has the effect of allowing baby to sleep for longer periods of time. Don’t expect that your son or daughter will be the same as other babies, however, or you may worry about their sleep habits unnecessarily.

Getting More Sleep

Getting sleep with a three to six month old baby is more difficult than you may think. You will be awake for a couple of hours at night for feedings, and may not have a baby who sleeps for more than a few hours at a time. If you are the primary caregiver, you will want to rest anytime your infant is napping. Try to have the same nap times, bath times, and evening bed times for your child if you want to establish a routine that will allow your baby to feel comfortable enough to sleep. A routine also teaches your child what you expect each day, so they may be able to sleep with less trouble at the appropriate times.

If your child has another primary caregiver, don’t forget to offer to take over a few nighttime feedings during the three to six month period. Your partner will appreciate the help, and you will have some extra time to bond with your baby. Night feedings are often the most challenging aspect of caring for a small infant, but that doesn’t mean that these feedings can’t also be rewarding for you and your child.

Fisher Price Baby Monitor – Affordable, Simplistic and Easy to Use!

There are a variety of baby monitors on the market today and with so many bells and whistles, it’s difficult to decide which monitor will work best for your family. The purpose of a baby monitor is to do just that: monitor the baby. You may not always be able to see your baby but you will be able to hear him. One of the most trusted manufactures of baby products is Fisher Price. Since the 1930’s, Fisher Price has maintained its long-standing tradition of innovation, quality, durability, safety and good value. Fisher Price baby monitor is affordable, simplistic and easy to use.

Surround Lights & Sounds Monitor
The Surround Lights & Sounds monitor is Fisher Price’s most inexpensive monitor. This monitor allows the parent to “see” baby’s call wherever they may be. The built in nightlight helps you see better when peeking in on baby. The automatic shut off will save unnecessary drain on the 3 AAA batteries.

Long Distant 900MHz Monitor
Designed for busy parents who need to active during baby’s nap time, the Long Distant 900MHz monitor allows clarity and a powerful signal up to 900 feet away. You can go just about anywhere in the house and still hear baby as if she is right next to your side. Three AAA batteries are required.

Talk to Baby Digital Monitor with dual receivers
For parents who need a little more technology, Fisher Prices has the Talk to Baby Digital Monitor. With this monitor, not only can parents hear baby but the baby can hear her parents. Accu-Clear Technology makes it possible to hear baby clearer than DECT. The built in nightlight can be turned off with a touch of a button without chancing disruption of the baby. The Talk to Baby has an out-of-range indicator that signals when you’re out of range. Additional features include volume control, nap timer and clock, belt clip and an easy to read display. The two 3.6 volt rechargeable batteries make this monitor an exceptional value.

Take Along Cam Digital Video Monitor
Now you can hear and see your baby! The flip-view screen is a full 2.4” and Accu-Clear Technology makes hearing baby better than DECT. The monitor comes with 3.6 Volt and 6 Volt rechargeable NiMH battery packs. The camera pivots and rotates and is very easy to adjust. You can expect zero interference due to the digital technology. For those parents who want to track baby’s sleeping habits, this model offers a nap timer and clock.

As parents prepare for baby’s arrival, they must make tough decisions regarding baby’s safety and well-being. A baby monitor is one of those decisions but this decision doesn’t have to be a difficult one. Fisher Prices has several lines of affordable, simplest and easy to use monitors. Fisher Price stands behind their products so you can have peace of mind that you are getting the best value for your money.

Don’t Live With Doubt, Use a Home Paternity Test to Get the Answer

Paternity is an important issue. Not only are there financial and emotional implications, there can be medical implications also. Biological fathers have a legal and moral obligation to support their child in financial and emotional ways. Building a healthy child requires both parents; those who grow up in single parent homes experience a greater chance of problems in their adult lives. Unfortunately, there are situations when paternity fraud happens. Sometimes it is intentional and other times it is unintentional. Regardless of the cause, a man deserves to know the truth regarding paternity. Once the truth is revealed, the man can act appropriately. In the past, paternity tests were required to be done in a laboratory. Now, men can stop living with doubt, and they can use a home paternity test to get the answer.

Science and technology has advanced drastically over the years. Human DNA discovery has made it possible to make solid affirmations regarding paternity, crime, and medical diagnoses. In the past, many men were forced to take care of children that were not biologically related to them. The science had not been created that could verify or confirm paternity. Fortunately, men today can get the facts. This is important for the child also. Children deserve to know the truth. This does not mean that a man will not take care of a child that is not related to him biologically; it simply gives the man an option to do the right thing based on facts.

Furthermore, the accuracy of home paternity tests should be a powerful motivator for men. No longer is it necessary to drag everyone involved to the hospital or doctor’s office. The potential father can perform the test in the privacy of their own home, and this can be done even if the mother does not participate. Science has advanced to a point where scientists can determine paternity with the child and man’s DNA. It is more accurate if all parties are included; however, the results still have a high degree of accuracy without the mother being included in the test. There is no reason to live in doubt; a man can use a home paternity test to get the answer. The test is not painful to the man or the child. It is a very simple test, and it takes a few minutes to perform. The father will swab the insides of his mouth and the child’s mouth. The q-tip that is used will be packaged separately. The man will put his swab in a package, and he will put the child’s swab in another package. The package will be sealed and mailed to the laboratory address on the test. Test results can be received within 6-8 weeks. This can all be done for a very affordable price.

Once the results are received, the man can have confidence in knowing the truth. The man then has the power to decide what to do if the child is not his biologically. If the child is his, there are certainly financial and emotional obligations. Knowing the truth truly does set a person free to do the right thing. There is no reason to live in doubt any longer; Purchase a home paternity test and get the facts that you and the child deserve. Do it for you, and do it for the child. There is no need to live with doubt and deception.

Things To Purchase for Your Nursery

There are many things that you will want to have in your nursery before your little one arrives. There are even items that you may not think of having that will be a great help to you in the near future. You should start planning for these expenses in two different ways and you should start early on in the pregnancy so that you are sure not to miss anything. The first main thing you should do is a baby registry. This will help friends and family know what you need so when they get you gifts they can give you things you will use. You should also make a main list of the things you want and need in your nursery to check off as you go. That way when you make that final run to the store after the baby showers are over, you will know what to get.

1)The Essentials

There are many things that most parents think are common sense to have in the nursery. However some parents let the common sense things slip their mind because they are concentrating on the things most people don’t think of. When you are starting the nursery, the main things you need to think about purchasing first are the furniture items that your baby will need and the items that you don’t necessarily need, but will benefit from greatly. These are items like the crib, changing table, rocking chair, baby swing, bassinet, and storage bins.
Along with the main furniture essentials, you will need the everyday needs of your baby. This are things you need for basic care of your child. Items like diapers, baby wipes, formula, sleepers, bottles, pacifiers, diaper rash cream, cotton swabs, and onesies will make caring for your baby a lot easier.

2)Medical Needs

Even if you have a very healthy baby, there are many medical needs your baby will need in the first few months. There are many things that you will be very glad you bought that aren’t absolutely necessary, but are smart purchases. These things will keep you from having to run out in the middle of the night to pick things up if something goes wrong. You should plan to have infants tylenol drops, gas drops, a bulb syringe, tissues, vaseline, band- aids, alcohol, peroxide, a thermometer, and cotton balls on hand because you never know when you are going to need them.
Along side the “what if” medical baby needs, you are going to need some basic things as well. Infant nail clippers, tweezers, and a medicine dispenser are things you may need on a daily basis. You will also want to get some general child safety items for your home. The ones you need will depend on how your home is arranged and built, but everyone usually needs at least one baby gate and electric plug covers.


Clothing is a very essential thing that you will need for your child. You will also need a large variety of things for your new baby. Every item has certain purposes to be used for to make your life easier in the long run. Sleepers are made in such a way to make changing and feeding easier during the middle of the night. Onesies are made to be functional for all seasons. Socks and hats are perfect for keeping your child warm and at the right temperature. You will also want cute outfits for when you take your baby out of the house to meet friends and family, or even for a family outing.
Along with clothing, comes all the other essential clothing like needs. You will need lots of receiving blankets, bibs, and burp cloths. Your baby will soil several of these a day, so having many on hand is a good thing unless you want to be doing laundry every night!

4)Decor` and Other Items

In the first few months, you will have lots of family and friends that want to visit you and see your new addition. You want to have the perfect nursery, so you need to chose a decor` for the nursery that will make you and your child smile. Sometimes this is an easy choice and sometimes it may take much longer. Most parents almost instantly see a set that they think is perfect for their child. If you buy a crib set then you usually get a dust ruffle, fitted crib sheet, comforter, and bumper pad. Many sets come with much more!
Some sets you can get lots of additions to make your nursery look amazing to you and your friends and family. Diaper stackers, wall art, musical mobiles, curtains, wall border, lamps, rugs, throw pillows, and many other items can make your nursery a very nice place for you and your child to spend time together. It will also impress friends and family.

Everything that your child needs is something that is built in to you as a parent, whether you are a father or mother. If you are confused about something, you can always ask advice of your friends and family.

How To: Survive The First 6 Weeks Of Fatherhood

Few things in life are as rewarding as being a father. The joy of holding your newborn baby for the first time cannot be put into words, and neither can the feeling of fear of the unknown. If you are a first time dad, you are likely to be scared, nervous and uncertain of what to do to ensure that your baby grows up happy and healthy. Fatherhood isn’t a class that is taught in college; it is a learn-as-you-go job that few of us feel prepared for when first faced with the challenge. The first six weeks can be extremely challenging, but there are some helpful tips to consider that can help your through the first phase of your baby’s life.

Sleep is something you should be prepared to lose a lot of during the first few weeks of fatherhood. Your baby is going to disrupt your sleep so often, it will seem as though it has been years since you had a decent night’s sleep. To try and be ready for the late night feedings, diaper changes and sporadic sleeping patterns, it is in your best interest to grab a nap whenever humanly possible. It doesn’t matter what time of day and it doesn’t matter where you are; if you’ve given the opportunity to grab some shut eye, you better take it. You may need to make some sacrifices and skip the last half of Monday Night Football, but trust that you will thank yourself at 2am and it’s time to change a dirty diaper.

Don’t be afraid to say no to people. As a new dad, you are going to be excited to show off your new bundle of joy, but sometimes, the never ending parade of people that will be stopping be can become exhausting. It is important to put the welfare of you and your child above all others. If you don’t have the energy to have guests, don’t be afraid to tell them to leave. If they insist on being around, put them to work. Ask them to prepare a meal for the family or tend to the cleaning that has been ignored as a result of your new full time job. You will either be rewarded with some peace and quiet or a nice meal and a clean house. Either way, you win.

Be ready to get, and stay, dirty. Babies have an unnatural ability to make a disgusting mess from both ends at all times. The surprises they make in their diapers will have you questioning the contents of their formula for sure. To top it off, they seem to be nauseated by the appearance of clean clothing and will almost certainly find a way to cover you in a combination of urine and spit-up. Your best bet is to simply get used to it and have a steady supply of heavy-strength cleaning supplies on hand at all times.

Come to grips with the fact that you are going to embark on errands that you were never prepared for. Your baby will likely spend the majority of their time with their mother, so you will be relegated to the role of chef, shopper and housekeeper. Diapers, panty liners and breast pads are just a few of the interesting items you will be sent to pick up; just grin and bear it and know that your efforts are being done for the greater good. Fatherhood will often test your boundaries and your pride and shyness will be called into question on a regular basis.

Your new baby is sure to provide you with a sense of joy and pride that you’ve never imagined possible. Even though men don’t generally receive much credit in the field of child rearing, we are as much a part of raising our children as the mother’s. Preparing yourself for the trials of raising your child can make the trip down the road of parenting slightly less bumpy.