Children’s Party Rentals

When it’s birthday time and you want your child to be the belle of the ball, children’s party rentals can make the block party of the year. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a unique and memorable party plan, just stay within budget and let the creative consultants take over the helm. A busy parent can relax and hand the party creations over to the professionals for a stress-free and fun filled action-packed day.

1. Theme Parties
Ask your party coordinator if a theme party is available in a tone or character that interests your child. The theme may be centered around an action figure, popular cartoon or a perhaps a way out dinosaur bash. Your plates, cups, decorations and games will focus on the theme with plenty of room to roam in another direction if you wish.

2. Entertainers
A party rental service also contracts out live performances to delight and entertain the children for an hour or so. Clowns, face painting, game hosts, singers, stilt walkers and celebrity impersonations may be booked according to your budget and will give the children an interactive play time or provide an activity orientated games hour and storytelling.

3. Equipment Rentals
If you have never put on a grand scale party before, chances are you will be lacking with essential equipment and seating arrangement. A party planner service provides plastic chairs and tables, balloons, tents and canopies, fog machines for that spooky Halloween look, and portable heaters and coolers to keep the party space comfortable.

4. Games For Rent
Your local party planner service may carry the latest and greatest in mobile carnival games to include batting cages, water dunking, and fishing for prizing. These inflatable home gaming booths are soft and safe for most ages to participate with and can be placed anywhere in the backyard or indoors for hours of carnival-style fun. When you are giving your little ones games to play, don’t forget to go to the dollar store for an armload of fun and wacky prizes for the winners.

5. Inflatables
Kids love to jump and blow off steam, so at lease one giant sized bounce house should be the party centerpiece. Your child might enjoy a bouncy castle, wet bouncers with water slides, or a clever bounce house fitted with interior obstacle courses. The bouncing activity is fun for all ages, however, to ensure the safety of the younger ones, be sure they are not turned loose with the older kids when bouncing the day away. Never leave your toddlers unattended in a bounce house, but do give them their fair shake at having supervised fun with a jump along side other children in their own size and weight category.