Fantasy Football: Why is it So Popular?

The Fantasy Sports Trade Association estimates that over 27 million people are currently playing fantasy football. Chances are that number will continue to grow in the coming years.

It is true that there are many fun ways for men to enjoy free time. Softball leagues, poker nights and tailgating are just some of the ways guys have fun.

Fantasy football differs from these or any other pastimes by creating a unique experience of all its own. Listed below are some reason why fantasy football has become so popular with men.

Enhancing the NFL Experience
It is no secret that guys love the NFL and spend countless hours watching it. Having a fantasy team takes this one step further by giving a vested interest in every game played. Essentially each fantasy owner can grab a small piece of the thrill involved with actually operating an NFL team.

This is especially true in cities that have perennially bad pro teams. A lot of fans there still love the NFL, but are frustrated with their team. Fantasy football offers a chance to still be involved in the pro game no matter what the home team does.

Making Money
Card games and sports betting have always been two of the more popular forms of gambling for men. However, fantasy football offers ways of its own for winning money as well. This can range from a small pot among league buddies to a huge national prize.

A lot of leagues take a small money collection before starting a year and later give it to the season champion. Some fantasy leagues actually take a bigger collection and divide money several different ways. For the most advanced players, leagues exist that pay out grand prizes in the seven-figure range.

Male Bonding
Each season starts with team owners getting together for a draft, which is online or offline. Meeting offline gives some time to catch up and maybe drink some beer in the process. An online draft still brings guys together since most Internet draft programs have a chat option.

During the season players correspond through trade offers, league votes or smack talk. The Internet allows this to happen, even in the course of a very busy day. Otherwise men preoccupied with work, family and other responsibilities usually have very little contact.

Personal Enjoyment Time
Everyone needs a distraction from the hectic pace of life these days. Sometimes a father comes home from work only to rush right back out for school plays and piano recitals. If not that, then maybe cutting grass, cleaning gutters or fixing the wife’s car is on the agenda.

Fantasy football gives men a chance to relax and focus on something they enjoy. The existence and utilization of the Internet helps here as well. Guys can check fantasy stuff quickly and do so without leaving the house.

Father/Son Relationships
There are many men that choose to involve their young sons in fantasy football. This is a great way to teach the game and spend quality time with them. Older sons may even help offer advice or potentially have their own team in the league.

This can also be a great way to start teaching good sportsmanship to a young boy. Win or lose, a father can lead by example as to how he acts in front of his son. Kids can see that gloating over wins or whining about defeat is not necessary.