Mobile Battle of The Decade – Android vs. iPhone

It all started innocently enough with the iPhone, but the great phone debate is now a raging competition. Its top competitor is, of course, Android. Both sides have a sizeable following and fight-to-the-death fans, even though the actual features and benefits may be more equal than different.

With all of the features these phones have to offer, the term ‘phone’ no longer seems appropriate. However, for lack of a better term, we will still call them by that name.

Here is a look at what each phone has to offer.

The First, The Best?
Apple’s iPhone was the first of its kind on the market. Boasting a large touch screen and app-based platform, the iPhone took mobile technology to the next level. The biggest problem for many potential iPhone users has always been the service. Apple signed a fairly long-term exclusivity contract with AT&T, effectively cutting the potential market in half. Loyal Verizon and other company subscribers have been reluctant to switch just to get the iPhone.

Before phones such as Android existed, Apple had plenty of time to build a huge following and a very large iTunes and app store. Millions of happy iPhone users may never use another mobile phone brand thanks to the 100,000 plus apps that have become a part of their lives. As they say, ‘There’s an app for that’ and they really mean that. From useful apps such as calendars and cookbooks to useless apps such as an app that makes the screen look like a full glass of liquid and ‘empties’ as it is ‘poured.’ No other mobile brand has been able to match the assortment and number of apps.

Will Android Take All?
No matter how great the iPhone apps are and how great the device is, there will still be people who are unhappy with it. For all of them and for the many customers who refuse to subscribe to AT&T, there is another option. Android may be the answer to the iPhone. With an even larger screen and a growing app store, Android has taken the best features of its competitor and improved upon them.

One of the most liked features is the ways the alerts are handled. When a new text, email, voicemail, or some other is received, the iPhone shows it as a popup that must be dismissed in order to continue using the device. Android, however, has what is called a ‘window shade’ that can be pulled down to see the new alerts. This and other multitasking features really make a different and more pleasant user experience.

Android also has Google product integration including gmail, calendar, and maps. Google fanatics are just as loyal to all things Google as Apple fans are to Apple products. Meaning, being able to carry Google around in their pockets is a very attractive feature.

Putting In Perspective
Competition is good. It drives down prices, fosters innovation, and gives people a choice. Both the iPhone and Android have their good and bad, loyal fans and detractors. Both brands continue to grow, expand, and innovate ensuring great things will continue to follow.

Fans of each phone can list all of the benefits and great features that make it better than the other one all day, but it may be a better idea to realize two is better than one. However, this is not going to happen, so let the phone war wage on! Which do you think is better and why?