Unconventional Businesses of Fantasy Football

The popularity of fantasy football has created several business opportunities. Generally this has involved products that offer some form of help or advice to team owners.

Some entrepreneurs decided to take this one step further. They saw a need for some of the more particular aspects of the game and took a chance. As a result there are some unexpected fantasy football businesses operating today.

Below are four of the best examples, along with a description and website for each.

1. FantasySportsInsurance.com
Championship hopes for a team owner can quickly disappear with a few player injuries. Also lost are any potential returns on monetary expenses that might have gone toward the season. However, Fantasy Sports Insurance (FSI) provides a way for owners to recoup such losses.

Before a season, owners can choose up to three highly ranked players they wish to insure through FSI. An owner then tallies the total amount of his fantasy expenses. That sum represents how much a player will be insured for.

Insurance policy cost to a team owner is 10% (plus fees) of the total covered amount. The plan pays out when the insured player(s) misses a large portion of the season due to injury. A long-standing company known as Intermarket Insurance Agency backs FSI.

2. LeagueSafe.com
Many leagues collect prize money by requiring cash contributions from each team. Generally a commissioner handles the funds, despite league comfort level with that. League Safe offers an alternative method to cash holding and prize money disbursement.

A commissioner first visits the site and sets up his league there. An invite and payment instructions are subsequently sent to all other league members. Team owners can then pay their entry fee on League Safe using an e-check or credit card.

Setup and registration is free, but small fees may apply for payment and disbursement. All money is held by U.S. Bank or The Bancorp Bank and League Safe has no access to it. Prize money is distributed in the form of paper check, e-check or prepaid Visa card.

3. SportsJudge.Com
Fantasy football leagues occasionally have problems that arise during a season. Possibly two owners will be accused of collusion or maybe a commissioner will try making a change that was not agreed upon. In such situations, leagues can contact SportsJudge.com to receive third party dispute resolution.

The SportsJudge.com decision-making team is made up of real lawyers and will hear an individual case for $15. The site promises that a ruling will be sent back within 48 hours. Several past decisions they have made can be viewed free on the site.

Aside from handing individual disputes, SportsJudge.com offers other services as well. A season long dispute resolution package is available for $100. For $50 they will create a custom constitution for any fantasy league.

4. FantasyTrophy.com
A lot of fantasy football leagues like to give something more than just cash prizes to recognize success. Adding an extra element to bragging rights is important to some who play the game. Fantasy Trophy offers several plaques, cups and of course trophies to award league champions.

Although several fantasy award sites actually exist, Fantasy Trophy has some of the more interesting selections. One of these is a replica of the Lombardi trophy that can be bought for $414.00. Another is an award fashioned after the Heisman Trophy, which can be ordered at $159.95.

Fantasy Trophy offers free engraving on all new trophies purchased. Once a new league champion is crowned, the trophy can be sent back for an annual engraving update at a fee of $18. T-shirts and hats commemorating a championship fantasy football season can also be purchased on the site.