Birthday party planning ideas

As parents one of the most memorable and joyous things to do is to celebrate your kids’ birthday party. An arduous task is to give the best party that suits your budget. Planning the budget for your kid’s birthday party is tough as you might sometimes forget to consider certain things that are necessary for the fun. To put it in simple ways, you should have a party planner & organizer combined with a checklist of things that you will need to throw the best party with the least of expenses. Remember, the best parties are not those which cost high but those which are well planned.

Talk to your kid and write down the list of people that you and your kid would like to invite. Do this at least two months in advance so that if you’ve forgotten someone initially, chances are that you’ll remember to invite the person while revising the list. Next is the responsibility to be assigned to each person. Make sure everyone in the family takes part in preparation of the party. Involve the birthday child also into it. This will keep the excitement going.

You should choose a location for the party. If it’s going to be a small party, you can keep it at your home. Choosing a unique location is advisable only if it is going to be within your budget. Backyards, parks are locations that are inexpensive, and they have so much room for the kids to have fun. After you’ve decided the location, decide the day, time and duration of the party. Make sure that the day and time are free not only to you but also to the others, you can choose a weekend and a suitable time. An average party should at least be for two hours. If required, set the theme of the party so that guests can wear suitable attires.

One month before the party, invite the guests that you’ve listed. You can print invitations or make a call to the other parents and personally invite them. Party activities, games and decorations are also decided during this time. If you are ordering the supplies, do so immediately and keep ready everything one week before the party. Hiring professional entertainer is another option available for entertainment, but make sure it comes within your budget.

FOOD! – That’s really important. Order premade foods in bulk. Don’t buy foods that kids don’t enjoy eating. Pizzas, hot dogs, pastas, potato crisps, chips are hot favorites among the kids. Decide on the juices that you are going to serve. Lemon juice, orange squash, and sodas are preferable options as they don’t get wasted too much.

Decorations should be age-appropriate. Ask your kid on what he would like the party location to be decorated with. It might be fictional characters, super-heroes, cartoon characters, etc.

Conclusively, the ultimate aim of the birthday party is to have fun, so make the most of it. Keep the birthday kid happy and make him feel special. If your party is planned well, it’s going to be indelible.