Children and Chores

You would have cuddled your baby when she was born, you would have wanted to give the best of things to her so that she is happy. Even after the baby grows up, you would have pampered her and kept her comfortable to see her smile. But, when this kid enters her teen, you should not be surprised if she refuses to do any household chores. If you think your child should do the chores without being reprimanded or reminded, you should either bride the kid, beg, or cajole to get the work done. Parents feel that these chores will help the children in becoming more responsible and independent and it also gets the work done.
Chores are beneficial for the children as they teach children commitment, cooperation, responsibility, and other skills & values which will help them throughout their lives. So start now by telling your children it is important for everyone to do their own tasks and work together to make the household run. Though young ones may not understand initially, they will learn it as they start to grow.
How do parents get their children to work? How is it possible to encourage children if they don’t want to do their chores? You’ll know as you read forth.
Parents should train their kids from an early age to do the chores because toddlers love helping their parents or doing adventurous chores. Start out with simple tasks and with time they’ll be able to handle difficult and more responsible tasks.
Train the kids; show them how to do the chores. Supervise for a day or two and make it clear that this work should be done everyday (or every alternate or every weekend) without any mistake. Tell what you expect of them and give them a reward in return.
Don’t overload them with too much tasks. Teach them one at a time and see how they fare. A reward system for every task completed properly will keep the children motivated to do more. Don’t reward them for every chore. Routine chores are not to be rewarded, instead give them weekly allowance. Special chores that are difficult and doesn’t come often should be rewarded well. Small kids love candy and toys as reward while teens would like to get the cash in hand (most of the teens).
Don’t do the chore if the kid doesn’t do it. You can cut down their allowance or any other activity under such circumstances. Don’t keep reminding the kid about the chores. If you are polite enough to tell it just a couple of times, the kid won’t forget it the third time. Be polite.
Encourage by praising them for doing a great job. This should not stop as the kids always love to receive compliments of praise from their parents.
Conclusively, writing down chores that the toddler or teen should be doing and putting it on their desk can help keep track of the work they’re supposed to do. This will also remind them about the chores.