Get Her What She Wants For Christmas

Picking out a Christmas present for a wife or girlfriend can be a tough job. First decide what your goal is. Do you want a gift that will inspire shock and awe or do you want a gift that she will use and appreciate? Deciding ahead of time the type of impact you want the gift to have will help you in your final decision.

For a new girlfriend, you might want to impress her with your attentiveness and thoughtfulness. To pull this off, you have to be alert during the months or weeks leading up to Christmas. Listen for passing comments about things she thinks are special. Is she a music lover who covets her friend’s new iPod? Did she mention that the Cuisinart in the shop window is something she’s always desired but could never afford? Is she an avid reader who would die for an e-Reader? Or does she have a cherished collection of stained glass pieces that you could add to? Think about the things she loves most: her hobbies, her interests. Finding a gift that sparks her imagination and proves you are paying attention to her can be very meaningful.

If you are interested in finding a gift that is more personal than the types mentioned above, jewelry is always a great choice. Think about her style. Is she laid-back and casual, or does she love to get dressed up and shine? Is her style understated and classic, or does she favor bold colors and materials? Does she like romantic, elegant designs, or are sharp modern lines more her style? Is she sporty, artsy, or sophisticated? With these attributes in mind, you can set out in search of the correct gift. You can narrow the field again by paying attention to her preferences. Does she ooh and ahh over the Sundance Catalog? Does she linger outside a particular vintage jewelry shop? Does she collect pieces from a certain company or designer? Another important thing to keep in mind: some women wear only certain metals. Some are allergic to anything but gold or sterling silver, and some only wear one or the other out of preference. Never get gold earrings for an all sterling silver gal. No matter how expensive they are, she won’t like them and it will only prove you weren’t paying attention.

Unless you are an expert shopper, or she has told you explicitly what she wants, it’s probably best to steer clear of clothing. There are many pitfalls in giving clothing as a gift. First, if you buy her a size 8, when she is really a size 6, you’ll be sleeping in the garage. If you buy something too racy, too dowdy, to cheap, or too frilly, she’ll be disappointed and wonder about your taste and motivation.

There are other types of gifts that show your love and appreciation in a non-material way. For example, giving your lady a full day-spa package where she can be pampered all day with massages, pedicures, scrubs, wraps, and other spa treatments is a beautiful gift. She won’t have a keepsake gift after the holidays but she will be rejuvenated and feel like she is queen for a day. All her girlfriends will be jealous. Another thoughtful gift is a well-planned getaway couples’ vacation. Whether it’s a weekend at a B&B in the countryside, a weeklong jaunt to a tropical locale, or an overnight in the city to have dinner and see a show, she will appreciate being whisked away, and having all the plans made in advance. The memories from a special trip can last a lifetime.

In order to get her what she wants for Christmas, a little due diligence ahead if time can pay off big dividends.