How Important is a Father’s Role in Today’s Society?

Research has shown that a father’s role is very important in today’s society and benefits their children in many ways. A father’s role means involvement in all aspects of their children’s lives from the time they are infants. This includes taking care of the children, discipline, education, sports, activities, chores and emotional support. A father’s role can help improve children’s social skills, educational success, well-being and cognitive behavior. Many social scientists think the role of the father in the family unit can influence the positive development of children.

Mother’s used to be the main one to give their children the care that they need. Things have changed and many fathers want to be fully involved in raising their children. Many experts agree that a father’s role in today’s society is very important for their children’s intellectual and social development. One way fathers do this is by play which teaches children emotional self control and to get along with others. Involvement in children’s education increases their intellectual skills which helps make learning easier.

Changes in society such as high divorce rates and more mothers in the work force are causing fathers to spend a lot more time with their children. This helps them realize the rewards of establishing a good and loving relationship when they are actively involved in their children’s care. They’re also realizing that fathers do matter and aren’t only a stand-in for mothers but they compliment the role of the mother. When fathers spend a good deal of quality time with their children, they contribute to a stable environment which makes children feel safe.

A father’s role in today’s society is still very important no matter what the current trends are. Babies recognize the different between mothers and fathers. As children grow they notice how their father treats their mother. If a father treats a mother well it can make a father’s relationship with a child stronger. It can teach boys to respect and treat women well. Girls can learn how men should treat them when they see their father always respecting their mother. Children feel closer to a father that acts loving and kind and have less anxiety or social problems.

Father’s who are involved in their children’s lives results in children being more emotionally secure. Their self esteem is higher which contributes to good physically and emotional health. An emotionally secure child may have an easier time making healthy friendships and have more confidence. There have been studies that show children have few behavior problems when they have a good relationship with their father. A father can also be a good role model when it comes to morals. A father with high moral standards can influence his children toward good moral values throughout their lives.

A father’s role includes showing unconditional love to their children with loving words and kind actions. It also means discipling by being firm but showing respect and love at the same time. This helps children know there are responsible for their decisions but they are loved even when they do something wrong. A father’s role in today’s society is being consistently available when their children need them. Children notice if they’re ignored or don’t get the attention they need. They trust a father that interacts with them regularly which develops a strong bond.

Fathers are often the main financial supporter but they have a more active role in caring for their children. They’re very capable of taking care of their children. A father’s parenting style may be different than the mother’s but they still have a good influence on their children’s well being. Men also benefit from being involved with the care of their children. It can improve their physical and mental health and give them more personal happiness. Healthy family relationships are one of the best benefits for a family.