How to Choose The Right Baby Carrier For You

Carrying a baby can be tough when you don’t have the right baby carrier. There are many options available for Dads to choose from, including those that support and cradle baby while you use your hands for other things. Choosing the right baby carrier can be intimidating. There are many different styles available, so there are a few things to consider before making your purchase.

Baby Carrier Safety

Carrying your baby in a carrier does simplify things, but safety is always your most important concern. If used improperly, any carrier can be dangerous. Some common rules to remember are to make sure that baby can breathe by checking their position frequently, especially in a hammock or sling type carrier. If a baby’s chin is touching their chest, their breathing may be obstructed. You should also check for any damaged buckles or ties on your carrier each time that you take it out to avoid falls.

For older babies, your carrier should hold the baby snugly and there should always be support under the child’s bottom. Keeping one hand on your child when using a front carrier is common, especially in ring slings that don’t provide support as you are moving.


A sling is an all-purpose carrier that can be used for babies of all sizes. Typically, a ring sling is designed to be used according to baby’s age. For example, you would position a newborn in a cradle hold and an older baby in a hip position. Take the time to look for a ring sling that comes with a DVD or a detailed instruction manual so that you know the different holds that you can use. A ring sling is also very affordable, and can be used for several years and through different children as they enter the family.

A ring cling can also be made from a variety of materials, including fleece, stretch cotton, and linen. Cotton is very soft, but may not be as durable as linen and fleece may be too warm in the summer months. Many Dads have carriers that can be used for different seasons to keep baby warmer or cooler while Dads goes about the day.


A wrap is generally made from soft knit cotton and is used for newborns and older babies, as well. A wrap is a particular good choice for newborn babies, however, since it cradles them gently while holding the baby in a safe position against the chest of the caregiver. The Moby wrap, for example, is used for children from birth and up. It is important to note that stretchy cotton is more difficult to use with older, heavy babies since the cotton stretches and becomes loose after a few moments. You can counter this if your baby loves the wrap by making the carry a little tighter than normal.

A wrap style carrier is a great choice if you have a small or newborn baby that needs constant contact to be comfortable. Woven materials are less stretchy, but still hold baby comfortably. A wrap also distributes the weight of the child evenly over both shoulders, so the carrier is one of the most comfortable options.

Mei Tai Carriers

A Mei Tai carrier is an excellent choice for babies of all shapes and sizes, and will provide enough support for you to carry baby safely on your back. A Mei Tai is made with a central panel that supports baby’s back, and four straps that are used to secure baby. A Mei Tai is simple to use for baby with good head support. You will find that this carrier is the best option if you have a baby who can support their head well, or when you have children of different ages since it can be used for all ages without the need to alter any buckles or supports on the carrier.

When you use a Mei Tai, the weight of your baby is distributed over both of your shoulders and your waist and back. Since the weight is more evenly distributed, you can carry baby for longer periods of time comfortably. A Mei Tai is a great choice if you plan on going out with baby frequently.