Secrets of Great Relationships

Relationships seem to be effortless for some couples. Many people might look at these couples who are living in great relationships and turn a little green with envy over how easy it is for them when it can personally be so difficult. The good news is relationships don’t have to be hard. Any two people can share a healthy and successful bond if they follow just a few relationship secrets.

Secret One: Do fun activities together. Couples sometimes get into a rut when they’ve been together for a while. They get lazy and slide into the habit of staying home and watching TV when there are so many other fun activities to do all around them. They could try out a new restaurant together. They could play a game of Putt Putt golf. In the summer, in the summer they could visit a water park and be sure to go down the slides together. By sharing adventures and avoiding humdrum routines that people can get trapped within, couples can instead share hours of fun and strengthen their relationship.

Secret Two: Laugh. During the day, odds are there will be something to laugh about. Too many people take life too seriously. Many of the things people get angry about can actually be a source of laughter instead. Whether it’s laughter over someone spilling their food, laughter while watching a great comedy or laughter while sharing a joke, the simple act of having a good chuckle together on a regular basis makes couples thrive in each other’s company.

Secret Three: Spend some time apart. Some people believe that in order to have a great relationship, they need to be with their significant other every second of the day and night. This can actually hurt your relationship. Most people need alone time to think and work on their own individual projects. They also enjoy spending time out with good friends. Too much time together makes for a potentially smothering situation. The old saying “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” really does hold some truth.

Secret Four: Have sex. Life has a way of filling up people’s plates with so many responsibilities that it’s hard to find any room for “quality time.” This is especially true for parents, who not only wrestle with their day-to-day duties of keeping a home and working a job, but also must take care of young children. But when the fate of a relationship is at stake, people can’t afford to avoid the one activity that can relieve stress, release endorphins and bring two people together in the most intimate manner possible. Couples that have infrequent sex can experiment and try to have sex at least every few days. They are likely to find they feel closer and more in love with their partner.

Secret Five: Be yourself. This secret goes both ways. People should not change who they really are around their significant other, and they also shouldn’t try to change their partner’s personality. A whole lot of friction within a relationship comes up because one person is not meeting the other person’s expectations. By releasing that unrealistic grip, people can begin to relax and love each other for who they really are, faults and all.

Secret Six: Say the words. Sometimes people need to hear the words “I love you.” Depending on the person, they might need to hear it once a week or several times a day. But no matter what, when people are in a loving relationship, they can’t tell their partner they love them too many times.

A great future is right around the corner for those willing to start practicing these secrets. Anyone can turn a dull relationship or one with too much fighting into a more relaxed and loving union. With a little patience and devotion to one another, all couples can experience living happily ever after.