Seven Ways For Dad to Help Out Mom on Weekends

Stay at home moms have a seven day work week so, when dad is able to help out on the weekends, it is most appreciated. When both parents share home and childcare duties on the weekend, each can enjoy some much needed alone time that they deserve. Here are seven ways for dad to help out mom on the weekends.

Activity Time With the Kids
Nothing is more time consuming that keeping little ones occupied and out of trouble. There is no need for dads to create an elaborate schedule of events for the weekend, they can just spend quality time with their children to prevent boredom. When dad takes the kids outside to play ball, or spends the morning coloring with them in the den, mom is free to have some time for herself without having to worry if the kids are getting into mischief.

Take on Mealtime
Feeding the family three times a day can wear on a mom. So much goes into mealtime that it can easily take up a major part of the day. Shopping, preparation, cooking, serving, and cleaning up are all jobs that dad can take on over the weekend. Maybe dad has a few specialties or favorite recopies that the family can look forward to. Or, if dad is a true klutz in the kitchen, there is always the three batches of dishes that he can take care of when mealtime is over.

Become the First Responder
Let the children know that on the weekends dad is the one they should go to when they need something. Instead of screaming “Mom Mom Mom” all day, they need to switch to “Dad Dad Dad” on the weekends. The small demands add up. Serving cookies and milk, getting a glass of water in the middle of the night, tying shoelaces, and mediating sibling disputes can all be dealt with by dad. Actually dealing with the issues, no matter how small, is important for dad to keep in mind. As annoying as they may be, if they are important to your kids, they should be important to you too.

Push Mom Out of the House
Many new moms are reluctant to leave their baby, even if it is just for a short time. Dad has to let mom know that he is ready, willing, and able to care of their little one while she goes shopping or to have her hair done. Not only will mom have some time to herself, dad will be able to bond with his baby. Maybe at first mom will only go for a walk around the block. Eventually, she will feel more comfortable going out for longer periods of time as she learns that dad and baby do just fine on their own.

Hire a Babysitter
While staying home with the kids while mom goes out shopping or to the gym is nice, spending time together is important to maintain a healthy relationship. Dad will score big points if he takes the initiative to plan a night out and make arrangements with the baby sitter to stay with the kids.

Clean the House
Instead of coming home Friday night and complaining about the disarray of the house, dads can roll up their sleeves and pitch in. Picking up the kids toys, doing the laundry, dusting, are all simple ways to improve the families living space. Doing it without being asked and with a smile will make dad a positive role model for his kids.

Manage the Morning Rush
Most kids will wake up the same time on the weekends as they do during the week. They don’t quite get the concept of sleeping in. If dad is able to start off the morning routine with the kids and let mom sleep in, she will be able to recover just that much more and be ready for the rest of the day. Dad can prepare breakfast and get the kids bathed, dressed, and ready for the days activities while mom catches a few more minutes of shut eye.