The Father – Daughter First Dance

Fathers, how often do you get to spend time with your daughter, let alone dance with them? As your daughter gets older, you might find more and more than girlfriends and guy friends are clamouring for her time and leaving you sorely out of the loop. When you have the opportunity to dance with your daughter, especially for that first father-daughter dance, it will be a moment to be cherished forever.

The father-daughter dance may be seen at any number of events including a quinceanera, purity ball, or specific school father-daughter evening. However, the father-daughter dance is perhaps most common at American weddings as the dance that follows the bride and groom’s first dance together. The dance at this time signifies the father’s final moments of holding on to his daughter before giving her to another man. Because of this reason, the father-daughter dance can be emotional for father, daughter, and all those watching.

If you groan at the thought of dancing simply for the fact that everyone will be watching you, forget about the crowd and consider that you may never dance with your daughter in this matter again. This moment is between you and her and should be remembered as one of the best moments of your life.

For those fathers who are terrified for their two-left feet, dance lessons are a suitable option. Consider inviting your daughter to a couple of ball-room or waltz classes to get the hang of the basic moves before the big day. Whether you’re dancing this first dance for a wedding or something much smaller-scale like a birthday party or purity ball, taking dance classes with your daughter will not only be beneficial in the skill and confidence department but memorable as well.

Obviously, music plays an important role in these dances. Not only is the music used for rhythm, but also for the lyrical aspect. As the father, you should be helping your daughter choose a song which portrays your relationship with her. Are you close with your daughter? Do you have a humorous relationship? Are you more into having a fun time or slow dancing? Do you like classically slow songs or upbeat moves? Your daughter may already have a song that she feels would be perfect, so remember to hear her out before mentioning other ideas.

Once again, the time spent together choosing a song and mulling over lyrics, beat, and so forth can be memorable. Remember that this father-daughter dance doesn’t just include the four minutes on the dance floor but all of the time leading up to the moment. Choose songs over coffee or dinner or spend an afternoon talking over creative dance moves.

In recent years, fathers and daughters have taken the whole concept of their dance to a whole new level. For those father-daughter duos who like to have a good time, rehearsed dances have become the norm. Instead of breaking out into the typical slow-dance or waltz to a particularly tear-jerking song, a slow dance will fade into a rock beat or jazzy tune. If you aren’t too hold, don’t have any hip or knee replacements, and like to bust some moves, your daughter and you will likely have a blast performing a song like this. These crazy fun dances are often quite a shock at wedding receptions as well since all of the guests are expecting “Butterfly Kisses” or “Unforgettable” to come on.

If your just are not sure about your dancing or choreography skills, this would also be an opportune time to take a dance class or two. Perhaps your daughter has dancing friends who might be able to assist in putting together a fun dance to one of your favorite tunes.

Remember overall, no matter what song is chosen, what type of dance is done, what moves are required, or what response is gathered from those watching, this moment in time is something very special for you and your daughter. Never again will there be a moment like this, so don’t let it slip by without a couple of good laughs, some sloppy footwork, and saying those three memorable and very important words: “I love you.” This dance will be one your daughter will never forget.