Bringing The Grill Experience Inside

Bringing The Grill Experience InsideGrilling Inside – An Old Favorite
Picture this: an old-fashioned chrome diner and chef at the grill cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner from a single wide, well-seasoned grill. The aroma was enough to tempt anyone with a man-sized appetite. What most diner patrons didn’t know? Foods grilled inside are healthier than those sautéed in butter or deep fried. The real beauty of bringing the grill experience inside is less cleanup. A standard-sized indoor grill can manage an entire meal using only a single cooking implement.

Grilling Inside – A Delicious Change
There are several types of grills to consider. A standard grill, an electric griddle and a portable barbecue grill. Newer model kitchen stoves have built-in grills. Thanks to today’s upgrades, it’s now possible to purchase a portable electric barbecue grill for use in the kitchen. There is also the stove-top type grill to prepare an entire meal using one or two gas or electric stove burners. Whichever type you choose, the grilling effect is slightly different. With a portable grill, the flavor of foods will be most like outdoor grilling. With the stove-top type, grilled foods will have a distinctive flavor with less grease and fat content.

The Inside Job On Grill Experience
Grilling inside is more convenient for chefs who want to try their hand with grilled foods. With easier access to ingredients for menus, the indoor grilling chef maneuvers in his culinary domain smoothly. The most important aspect of bringing the grill experience inside is to know your heating temperatures for the types of foods you plan to grill. Fortunately, with temperature adjustments at your fingertips, this is less of a problem than with using an outdoor barbecue grill that relies on charcoal. Just as with outdoor grilling, retaining flavor is essential. Balance grilling temperatures with food texture to achieve maximum flavor.

Indoor Grilling – An Adventure In Cooking
Using a grill to prepare meals makes short work of meal time. For beginners, try grilling simple fare like burgers or frankfurters. Add a special touch to burgers by brushing lightly with a prepared barbecue sauce. Before grilling, brush hot dogs with a glaze made from a tablespoon of molasses, a teaspoon of brown mustard and a dash of hot sauce to taste. Or, marinate the franks in beer for up to an hour before grilling. Hot dog lovers can’t resist an new version of an old favorite. Use the grill to toast hamburger and hot dog rolls. Another tip is to brush the inside of the rolls lightly with a mixture of mayonnaise and margarine or butter before toasting.

Fearless And Brave Indoor Grilling
Want to surprise the sports pals with a grilled treat? Try grilling brats or beer sausages. Don’t stop there with the creative grilling. First, skewer each sausage with a moistened skewer. Next, roll the brats or beer sausages in a mixture of crushed potato chips, hot pepper flakes and just enough beer to hold the dry ingredients together. Then, grill on one side until done and turn to repeat on the other side. Fearless and brave indoor grilling and parties are a great way to advertise the indoor grilling chef’s skills. Marinate your chicken, beef or chops in lime juice, Cajun seasoning and tequila for an hour before grilling. This also works well for shrimp kabobs. Be aware that grilled shrimp cooks quickly as does most fish and shellfish.

When Cabin Fever Strikes, Grill It Away
When the weather turns ugly and cabin fever is about to set in, it’s time for indoor grilling. Give your indoor grill a work out with serious menus your cabin mates can’t resist. Try an indoor seafood soiree complete with grilled lobster, bacon-wrapped deep sea scallops and grill-roasted corn on the cob. Or go, hunter style with grill-seared venison steaks and sweet potatoes grilled in their skins. Split white potatoes length-wise. Oil lightly. Then, grill till crisp.