Beat the Barbecue Belly

One of the biggest reasons some people don’t grill out more often during the summer months is the fear of gaining weight. There is a lot of fat in steaks, hot dogs, and hamburgers, but the good news is that the alternative, grilling vegetables and lean meats instead, is very tasty. All-vegetable kabobs and grilled corn on the cob, beans, and potatoes are just some of the healthier ways to eat out during the summer. Chicken is another old reliable that you can put on the grill, trimming the fat first and enjoying the complexity of flavors while not feeling guilty about it. There are literally hundreds of different grilled recipes involving chicken and vegetables, and combinations of these, for a healthy diet during the summer out on the grill. Lean meats are widely available, from grilled pork tenderloin to steak and shrimp. The amount of calories you consume can be controlled by the ingredients you use in cooking, and in the portions you use. If you’re into marinating, there are plenty of low-fat sauces you can use to complement the flavor of your meat and vegetables, and cooking over a low flame ensures that your vegetables keep all of the vitamins and essential nutrients inside that are good for your health. Barbecuing is for everybody, and if you’re watching your weight this year, know that there are lots of ways to cook healthy while not sacrificing great flavor.

Something else you can do this summer to stay fit is get into a good exercise program, either at home or at your local gym. A simple piece of equipment that lets you work out your abs, your upper torso, and your legs, in addition to a basic cardio routine, can trim inches off your waistline. You can get your cardio workout from a stationary bike, running or jogging around your neighborhood, or simply playing a favorite sport, such as basketball. If you’re serious about dieting and exercise this summer, consider joining a full-fledged program at your gym or a diet training program online. Some diet and exercise programs provide your meals, individually portioned, so that you can get the proper amount of nutrition coupled with the amount of calories that you are expected to burn each day. It is helpful to set realistic goals one at a time. When you reach one goal, move on to the next one, and the next one, and so on. Dieting does not have to be harsh or extreme, you just need to be able to burn calories. Targeting specific areas of your body with a workout can be helpful in shaping your body into what you want it to be. If you want thinner thighs, you work out your thighs. If you want a slimmer waistline, working out your abs and chest is helpful. When you are working out on a regular basis, it’s important to get enough protein, as this is the body-building compound your muscles need in order to rebuild themselves. You can get lots of protein from peanut butter, protein bars, specially-formulated shakes that are to be consumed after a workout, and from lean meats such as beef and chicken. With all of this, balance is needed to not eat more than you should or exercise more than you should. It is recommended to give yourself a day or two off from exercising periodically, and to give yourself some leeway when it comes to your meal choices. Some people like to have what they call a splurge day, where they eat what they want all day or just one meal that they want, in place of the standard diet fare. These kind of flexible options make it possible to sustain yourself and endure the dieting process, whether you intend to stay on your diet for a couple of months or up to a year or more. Winning the battle against fat this summer doesn’t have to be difficult.