Eat to Boost Metabolism and Fight Fatigue

Fatherhood can be exhausting! A guy has got to do everything he can to keep up his energy level. Newborns are very demanding and can be physically, mentally and emotionally taxing for a parent. As babies grow, they can be just as demanding if not even more so. For this reason alone, it is important a man does what he can to ensure he has the energy to meet his child’s demands. Men are fortunate in the aspect that their metabolism tends to be much faster than that of a woman.

One way that can be done is by boosting the metabolism. Metabolism is the driving force behind a person’s energy level. A sluggish metabolism usually means a person will become or is already overweight. Carrying extra weight around can tax a person’s energy as well. A healthy metabolism will help burn fat and turn it into the energy a person needs to function in their daily life and hopefully a regular exercise regimen.

So, how can a person give their metabolism a healthy boost? The answer will please most, even though it sounds too good to be true. By eating frequently throughout the day, the metabolism will begin to speed up. This may sound counterproductive to maintaining a healthy weight, but it is actually better for you. Frequent, small meals cut down cravings throughout the day like sugary snacks.

The key to success is to eat small meals that are healthy. The meals should be spaced about 3 to 4 hours apart. Frequent meals give your body the nutrition it needs to keep running at its best. When a person’s goes too long between meals, their blood sugar may drop. When this happens the body has to start scrambling to get the nutrition it needs. This is typically when people are hitting the espresso stands around 3p.m. for a caffeine/sugar fix.

Eating a sensible breakfast in the morning is ideal. Skipping breakfast is hard on the body and should be avoided. The body is already running on empty because a person has most likely been sleeping the previous eight hours or so. A breakfast comprised of eggs and toast or a veggie omelet is a great start for the day. A few hours later a healthy snack is essential. An apple or a cup of yogurt is all that is necessary to keep the body energized and alert.

Lunch time should follow the same guidelines, healthy and sensible. An afternoon snack followed by dinner a few hours later. An evening snack should be light, maybe a handful of blueberries or a fruit parfait. The evening snack should not be consumed close to bedtime. At least 2 hours before bedtime is ideal.

A healthy metabolism is a vital part of a person’s energy level. A sluggish metabolism can make a person feel tired, lazy and have a complete lack of enthusiasm towards any kind of activity. In order to keep the metabolism functioning at its highest, the body needs to be exercised regularly.