Places to Find Kid-Friendly Women

When you’re a single dad looking for that special woman to add some spark to your life, one prime consideration needs to be the feelings of the children. If the relationship turns serious, you’re not just talking about a companion for you. This woman will need to be willing to take on the role of stepmom. Hence, it’s good to seek out dates in places where you are likely to find a woman receptive to the fact that you are a dad.

One great strategy is to go to places that your kids enjoy. Take your kids to the zoo or the playground or an arcade or scope out the territory without them. If you’re open to dating a mom, chances are that you will be able to meet someone at a place like this, since she is just as likely to visit with her kids as you are with yours. Meanwhile, seeing how she interacts with her own children can give you a hint of how she might get along with your children.

Of course, knowing who is available will take a bit of figuring out. If you are religiously inclined, many churches have singles groups, and some even have speed dating nights. Many of the women attending these events are likely to be open to the possibility of children, and you’ll have a chance to talk in a safe environment and determine where you both stand on certain issues.

Another place that might yield positive results is a school open house. You already have to be there, and you know that everyone else there is a parent. You children may have even mentioned if certain members of their classes come from single-parent homes. You’ll want to be careful about pursuing this option, though, because some children might be uncomfortable with their parent dating the parent of a classmate.

You don’t have to go out of the house to find someone if you don’t want to. Another possibility is to go to an Internet dating website and indicate that you are interested in finding someone who is open to children. So many people use these sites that you are bound to find someone who is both compatible and kid-friendly. You may want to restrict yourself to local websites, since long-distance relationships can be especially complicated when kids are involved, but this is entirely a personal choice.

These are just a few options to check into if you are anxious to meet someone new but want to make sure that your kids won’t be left in the lurch. Whoever you decide to invite into your life, in order to avoid later heartache for all involved, make sure you know exactly where she stands on that issue before getting in too deep.