Do you have the crib in the nursery or your bedroom?


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My brother is expecting his first in march and he decided to put the crib in the nursery. I remember that we kept the crib in our bedroom for the first 6 months, it made our lives a whole lot simpler.


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We kept the crib in our room the first couple months. Once our babies started sleeping mostly through the night, then we moved the crib into the nursery.


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We started my daughter right out in the nursery. We wanted to get her off on the right track sleep wise. We decided if we kept the crib in our room it would be far too tempting to just put her in bed with us when she couldn't sleep. We didn't want that to become a habit that she kept as she got older.


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My daughter went straight to the nursery. We considered a bassinet for our bedroom, but she was such a good sleeper from day one that we just put her in her crib.


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We put the crib in our room, but it wasn't long before the baby was in our bed. We got so much more sleep with her in bed. When our second came around, we just popped her in our bed immediately.

The crib is used for naps and some night time sleep once they get a bit older.


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We put the crib in the nursery from day one. It was hard for my wife at first, but we both knew it was the best decision for us in the long run. We didn't want to have issues later on down the line with getting our son to sleep in his own bedroom.


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We had a smaller crib in our room for a few months. The nursery was just across the hall, so leaving the doors open, along with a baby monitor, allowed us to maintain separate spaces without much trouble.


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Our newborns slept with us for the first few months. After that they went into the nursery and had a baby monitor on during their time in there.


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With the first the crib was in our bedroom for almost a year, with the second the crib was in their room. I guess you learn a little more as each kid you are blessed with. I am thankful we never got into the toddler sized beds too, shopping for one for a grand baby now I can see how pricy they are!