First Timer - Just Discovered the Gender


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Hello. My name is David and I'm actually new to this community. Myself and my wife had an ultrasound today and we finally know the gender of our baby. We are having a boy. We even managed to agree on the name. This is my first time having a child (and hers). Looking for some supports, tips, guidance. Thanks!


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Congratulations! What did you decide to name your boy? Ok, some tips... First, say good-bye to the notion of a good night's sleep. Babies run on their own crazy schedules and you will be running around at all hours of the night and day to tend to his needs. Second, don't underestimate the financial costs of raising a child. You'll be paying for diapers, milk (If you're not the breastfeeding type) food, toys and doctor's check-ups. Even the process of having a baby is going to set you back by thousands. Finally, don't assume anything. A young child's behavior can change radically in a very short period of time, even to the point where it seems like you're not even dealing with the same child and that will only get worse as they get older. Good luck!


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You're one up on me, streakanime. The only ultrasound we ever had yielded a girl. She's a handful, too. I think she has the energy of six boys and keeps me busy.


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Greetings and salutations. Congratulations on your first. While writer811 is correct on some of those points, there is the other side. The laughter, the staring at you with those baby eye, and so much joy that comes along with it. Hard work and costly? Yes. Worth it? With all my life.

Save up where you can, use coupons, they are always out for diapers and such. And be prepared for the ride of a lifetime.


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Congratulations, David! I remember the first time I became a dad, I was also clueless back then. But, you will learn as you go along. Jason is right, it's a "ride of a lifetime." Oh, and make sure to help your wife with the baby, she will really appreciate that. Babies are a handful, but taking care of him/her will become easier if both the parents help each other out. Trust me, there is no greater joy than being a hands-on dad. I have five kids, I should know :)

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Congrats! My first was a boy also. It seems like forever ago since my son is about to turn ten this month.

I remember the first few weeks he was here as feeling like I was in zombie mode, but know that it does get easier.


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Congrats! Our first was a girl, but our second was a boy. We actually decided not to find out the gender of our girl because we wanted it to be a surprise. When we had our son, however, the woman doing the ultrasound told us it was a boy before we even had a chance to say anything.


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My question to you is this: Which name was easier to pick? The boy's name or the girl's name. Before we found out the sex, we had the "name" discussion. It took about 20 minutes to pick a boy's name. It took like two days to pick a girl's name :>


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Congratulations not only on your first child but on agreeing on a name that quickly. My kids names were still up in the air whilst my wife was in labour.


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Congrats!! Stick around here and you will get a lot of tips. I know I have here! We never found out the sex before any birth. Congrats on agreeing on a name too. Are you keeping it a secret?


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Congratulations, David.

It is normal to be scared, it is fear of the unknown. My advice would be to enjoy the experience because they grow up very fast. I remember the birth of my son like it was yesterday and he is 6 now.


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Allow me to join the others in congratulating you. Just take it easy and watch this forum for candid answers to your questions.Once again I'm happy for you and your wife!


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Congrats David! I had four daughters so I know the problem about choosing girls names. My wife ended up actually picking the names we used and I suspect yours will too!


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Congratulations on the new baby! It took me and my wife about a couple of days to come up with the name with my daughter and only a couple of hours to come up with my sons name. Im sure that youll enjoy fatherhood. You seem pretty excited already.


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Congratulations! I'm glad you were able to come up with a name so quickly. We did that for our first (a girl) but with our second girl, we didn't decide until my wife was in labor.

Being a father can be really hard, but it's worth it. The girls have brought so much more depth and joy to our lives.