Kind of sad


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Our middle child has outgrown his crib/daybed. Kind of sad, just one left in the crib/daybed now. The wife talked me into bunk beds for the two of them so the other has a bed when the time comes. They just seem to be growing up so fast.


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Feed and water children, then watch them grow. Those are the basics of being a parent but the long fact checking sheet is something no one prepares us for. Be happy that you are getting to watch the most amazing thing in the world, something you created continue to grow, learn and make a mark in this world one step at a time.


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:( That is sad Jason. Kids grow up way too fast! Seriously you blink and they are in school. Blink again and they have graduated! Cherish the time you have with them.


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It is sad but just think of all the things you get to look forward to as they grow. It goes by quickly so enjoy each step as it comes.


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Make the most of the time when they are growing. Don't let this time slip by without making special memories, and keeping a diary because you won't be able to capture it again and it goes oh so fast.