Outdoor activities for all weather conditions?


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What are some activities that you like to do with your children in the warmer months and in the colder months?

In the winter, sometimes my wife and I will take our daughter sledding. In the summer, we take her to the zoo. She loves that. She also loves going to the beach and building sand castles.

I'm just looking for some more ideas. What are some outdoor activities that your family participates in?


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Sledding is the number one activity in the winter for our family. As for warmer months nothing beats going to the beach. I guess we're getting the best of both worlds.


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Sledding, tubing, snowman building, snowball fights, ice skating and skiing. These are the things we do with the kids in the winter.

In the summer we play all kinds of sports, go to the zoo, take vacations, go to the pool, ride our bikes and take walks. I'm sure there are a lot more things that we do.