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    Fantasy Football

    Maybe I'll try to get Bell in my league. I play in a fourteen team league so running backs are at a premium. Bell was a star in college. It is too bad that Pittsburgh's offensive line has deteriorated so much.
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    Shoulder pain from holding the mouse all day?

    Thanks, olderthandirt. My desk is much higher than waist level so I have to raise my arm up to around my lower chest area in order to operate the mouse. I doubt they'll give me a new desk though :(. My monitor is beneath eye level but not by much. I guess I could put some books beneath it in...
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    Am I the only one who watches this? Whenever I bring it up in the office or amongst friends, no one has heard of it. I love the show. Season 2 was just uploaded to Netflix's instant streaming service. They only had season 1 on there for a while. It's a sci-fi show about time travel and...
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    Overdoing the presents.

    Well it does work that way if your parents are wealthy. Who is to say that they'll ever stop spoiling her? I know plenty of young women who still rely on their parents for shopping money, rent and food. I feel like young men are more independent sometimes. I don't expect to be spoiling my...
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    Shoulder pain from holding the mouse all day?

    Am I the only one who has shoulder pains from using the mouse and keyboard all day? I'm on the computer for eight hours a day at work and I use my laptop at home for another two or three hours after work. Does you shoulder also get sore from using the mouse and typing? How do you remedy it?
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    Tacos for Dinner

    My son and I love to make tacos. They are so easy and fairly quick. Our favorite ingredients are black beans, spinach, black olives, hot sauce, cilantro, diced tomatoes, onions and peppers. He doesn't like the hard shells because they fall apart when you bite into them. Soft shell tacos are...
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    Worst moments ever for this single dad

    My worst moment is about to come. I am losing custody of my son next week. I have visitation rights but it's not enough. I don't know what I am going to do with myself next Saturday when my son isn't around. We usually head out to the ice rink for his usual hockey practice on Saturday...
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    Thinking About It

    I'm also in the end stages of a divorce due to an extramarital affair. I would tell him to follow his heart. If he does not love his wife then he is doing her a service by leaving her for the new woman. You would also be doing his wife a service by advising him to pick the woman that he loves...
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    Day Off!

    I can identify with you and your situation, Victor. I am about to lose my son to my wife (soon to be my ex-wife) and I'm not sure how I'll handle the extra free time. Have you thought of taking up a hobby? I've been looking into taking tennis lessons. You could do something like a movie...
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    Fantasy Football

    Yes, the Steelers are horrible. Their only players who have any fantasy football relevance are Antonio Brown and Ben Roethlisberger. Fantasy football does not take much time after the draft. You just have to spend a couple minutes each week setting your roster.
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    Bike Time!

    That's great news Victor. I take my son biking once every two weeks or so. We head over to the local elementary school as it has a lot of open space and it is next to a public park. My son has one of those stunt bikes with the pegs on the tires. I just have a regular mountain bike. Biking...
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    Let them speak

    Please do. And after he writes down his thoughts, write him a letter back. I think that he will appreciate it. My kid is really quiet in person but he sends me the longest e-mails. I think there is just something special about non-verbal communication. People, especially kids, really open...
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    Overdoing the presents.

    I would not stop buying the presents, original poster. Kids don't have their own money so they really appreciate any sort of gift. I remember the thrill that I felt when my parents bought me anything as a kid. It means the world to them. I buy my son all sorts of gifts because material items...
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    What if the kids favor the Mother?

    My son is 12. I feel like all young boys have an Oedipus complex though they never admit it. I know I did when I was around that age. He's always sticking up for his Mother no matter what. I did try to sit down and talk with him but he won't take the discussion very far. He says he loves me...
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    Let them speak

    This is an excellent post. I remember my parents never giving me enough time to say my piece. I swear they were not listening to me. So, I go overboard doing the opposite with my son. I often have him write down his thoughts and feelings so that he can accurately describe his intentions...